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Mac OS X Desktop Applications
Apple's Mac OS X is a wonderful platform for desktop applications. Its architecture encourages development of application programs with excellent usability, elegant operation, and uncanny reliability. Deploying superior applications on the platform requires a proper mix of art and science, along with a wealth of experience in usage of its tools and technologies. To ensure success in your target markets you should demand honesty, versatility, initiative and efficiency of the people you hire.


Web Applications
Providing a friendly and effective interface to software and data hosted by a public server is not easy. It is a perilous undertaking requiring cautious design, careful consideration of the consequences of interactivity, and a high level of comfort with changing standards and environments. Your server software needs should be met by people who understand how to write portable designs that are efficient, cost-effective, reliable, maintainable, and capable of surviving security audits unscathed.


Computer Science Consulting
Innumerable difficulties are presented by software projects. Many are doomed to failure before development commences. Successful projects, at a bare minimum, require a staff that collectively can:

  • Clarify Objectives
  • Estimate Costs and Resource Requirements
  • Train and Coordinate Teams
  • Create a Development Process
  • Create Requirements
  • Research Heuristics
  • Develop Algorithms
  • Write Maintainable Source Code
  • Create Documentation
  • Verify Deliverables
Many patterns have been developed in an attempt to define these skills scientifically. The people you employ to accomplish your goals should know the patterns that work and the ones that do not, and they should also be possessed of a willingness to create new patterns when a good fit is not available. This is impossible without experience and enthusiasm.

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